Love Letter: Hobbit

Produkten har tyvärr utgått ur mitt sortiment och kommer (förmodligen) aldrig tillbaka. Jag beklagar!
  • Love Letter möter The Hobbit
  • Ett spel för 2-4 spelare
  • Spelregler på: engelska


Om du vill veta mer om produkten, se bilderna till vänster eller läs en beskrivning (på engelska) nedan.

Love Letter: The Hobbit is a slightly changed version of the hugely popular game, Love Letter. In this version there is also a card with the value 0, namely The One Ring.

In addition to the one extra card, LL: The Hobbit differs from the original game in that the Baron (#3) is represented by two separate cards: Tauriel and Legolas. When you use an elf's power to compare cards, Tauriel knocks out the player with the higher valued card while Legolas targets the lower valued card.

In each round, each player starts with only one card in hand; one card is removed from play. On a turn, you draw one card, and play one card, using the power on that card to expose others and (possibly) knock them out of the round. If you're the final player active in the round or the player with the highest card when the deck runs out, then you score a point. In LL: The Hobbit, The One Ring does nothing during play, but it counts as a #7 when the game ends, possibly leading to a tie should someone else hold Bilbo.

Whoever first wins 4-7 rounds, with the number dependent on the number of players, wins the game!